X618 imageWith X-618, Honeywell introduces a new product line which supports target oriented announcements like advertisements or addressed calls as well as daily information’s like closing hours.

Forward your announcement via a public address system designed and developed for small and medium scale buildings. Reduce your expenses by integrating this system into your facility. The intuitive display and self explaining touch screen call station can be configured within minutes after a short introduction and the One-Click call buttons enable faster response. Recorded messages as well as on-time announcements can be intuitively operated within decisive seconds.

X-618 gives power to individual messages towards a broad public, with a clear acoustic reproduction as the volume of background music and the placed announcement can be influenced automatically.

Noise detector

Part No. HN-D32N

Push-to-talk Microphone

Part No. HN-PTT

Power Amplifier 1x500W

Part No. X-DA1500

Power Amplifier 1x500W, EN

Part No. X-DA1500EN

Power Amplifier 2x250W, EN

Part No. X-DA2250EN

Power Amplifier 4x60W

Part No. X-DA4060

Power Amplifier 4x125W

Part No. X-DA4125

Power Amplifier 4x125W, EN

Part No. X-DA4125EN

Digital System Manager

Part No. X DCS2000 EN

Network Resource Interface

Part No. X NRI EN

Digital Call Station

Part No. X NPMI

Rack Mount Panel for X-NPMI

Part No. X NPMI-R

Power Amplifier 2x250W

Part No. X DA2250

X-SMART Client Interface

Part No. X-ST2000